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01 - 08 - 2005

  has released his first Counter-Strike Source map project de_tiger_soc. Ported over from Team Fortress Classic, the map is now a bomb defuse map for Counter-Strike Source. The map has a few custom textures, and you have your choice between an installer or good ole' fashion zip. Click here for the info or you can visit to download the map.



10 - 21 - 2004

           State Of Chaos playtest time! Only 3 maps, 2 by [xTc] Commander and a revised version of Hell Town by Simg. You can get all the details of the where and when's here.


09 - 30 - 2004

           State Of Chaos once again has a dedicated server that can handle the kind of player activity we need. This one is based in Texas, however, I'm going to see if I can get it moved to Virginia to help centralize things for everyone. We have Krusty in UK, Smig in Isreal. Carnage, myself, EXPOSED, some of the other Canadian bacon and Roland can benefit from the Virginia server too. Virginia data center is just better for more than a majority of the players on SOC. Don't hold me to this though, not sure if I can have it moved, will ask in the AM.

09 - 16 - 2004

           Update on the server situation. Since Half-Life 2 is a little late, I am going to be renting a new dedicated server the 1st week of October, 2nd week at the very latest. This will act as the State of Chaos permanent gaming server. We will play DesertCombat on it until Half-Life 2 is released.

Playtests will still be held, even after Half-Life 2 is released and running on our server. As long as there are still playtest submissions.


08 - 29 - 2004

           If you haven't heard, we don't have a server any more. An outsider we trusted, decided to screw everyone that plays on SOC. But don't let that discourage you. We could have had a server up by now, but we figured we'd just wait until HL2 comes out. Which will most definitely be in September, the first half of it from what EB associates tell me. We'll see. If you don't have your copy of HL2 yet, get it now. I pre-ordered and paid for mine in FULL at the local EB store.


08 - 01 - 2004

           In case you haven't already downloaded it, go get TFCmaster's DC_Lost_In_Iraq map. Its been officially released to the public.



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