As as expected, hardly anyone showed up, yay! Server cancellation request was officially submitted today 10:32am EST. No more SOC servers are planned for the future. I've done exhausted myself trying to make most of the server payments for the last 4 years.





TFC-Athon will be held on the State Of Chaos server all day and night September 10th, 2005.


If you wish to attend, just come and show up. I plan on being there most of the day, minus food and bathroom breaks.

Map requests are being taken, please be sure to email me or contact me on ICQ with your map requests.




01 - 08 - 2005

  has released his first Counter-Strike Source map project de_tiger_soc. Ported over from Team Fortress Classic, the map is now a bomb defuse map for Counter-Strike Source. The map has a few custom textures, and you have your choice between an installer or good ole' fashion zip. Click here for the info or you can visit to download the map.


12 - 15 - 2004

           We have added a Counter-Strike Source MapPack to the site for download. You can get all of the custom maps that are currently running on the SOC CS Source Server in one installer. Visit the forum post here.


11 - 04 - 2004

           State Of Chaos playtest time again. Sunday November 7th 2004, you can get the installer and all information from this page.


10 - 21 - 2004

           State Of Chaos playtest time! Only 3 maps, 2 by [xTc] Commander and a revised version of Hell Town by Simg. You can get all the details of the where and when's here.

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